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Quality Assurance Service

Tinatin Chabukiani - Doctor of Arts, Associate Professor. Elected head of Quality Assurance Service from 2011.

In 1976 graduated from Tbilisi Z. Phaliashvili II music school specializing in piano;

In 1980. Graduated from ShotaRustaveli Theatre and Film State University as theatre director;

In 2010 completed doctoral studies at the Humanities, Social Sciences, Business and Management Faculty.

Was the chief director of children's programs at the State Television (1991 - 2004), has made 27 TV tales.


TV Plays:

1980 - "This should not have happened" (by V. Spivak)

1981 - "Tantre boy's family" (by D. Jokhadze)

1982 - "Rainy Mzianeti" (by A. Samsonia)

1983 - "Explanation of unreasonable man" (by A. Gorin)



1984 - "On the way" by V. Rozov -GoriEristavi State Drama Theatre;

1986 - "The paths leading to you" by L. Tabukashvili -GoriEristavi State Drama Theatre;

2004 - "A Glass of water" by E. Scribe – Kutaisi Meskhishvili State Drama Theatre

2006 - "Chinchraka" by G. Nakhutsrishvili - GoriEristavi State Drama Theatre;

2007 - "Bird Dies in Floodplain" by T. Chiladze -GoriEristavi State Drama Theatre;

2012 - "Obsessed with the game" by N. Kupreishvili, Free Theatre.



1996 - ‘A Flower with seven colours’, feature, Georgian TV Film Studio;

1997 - ‘Kapunia’s holiday’ Musical, Georgian TV Film Studio;

2004 – ‘Peace to our people’, Georgian TV Film Studio;

2007 – ‘The Orchestra’, Documentary, commissioned by the International Foundation "Interculture";

2009 – ‘The House is Empty’, documentary, TV Ertsulovneba, special prize at the International Festival "St. Andrew's Cross";

2010 - ‘Visible miracles’, documentary, given a certificate in the charter at the International Festival "St. Andrew's Cross";

2011 –‘Bridges to Homeland’, documentary, given a certificate in the charter at the International Festival "St. Andrew's Cross";

2007 - 2011 he was a member of Representative Council of ShotaRustaveli State Theatre and Film University. Leads a group of TV and movie directors (Bachelor degree)

She is the author of 6 scientific publications and 1 monograph, was a speaker at 3 scientific conference.

Scientific interests are: The role of children's television in the system of social education and the problems of globalization in broadcasting for children.

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