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Dean of Faculty

Otar Litanishvili – Dean of the faculty, associate professor, philologist, film director.

Born in 1952 in Sokhumi. In 1980 he graduated from of film directing faculty of the Theatre and Film Institute (group of Eldar Shengelaia).

Was a Jury Member (2010 and 2014) and the Chairman of the Jury (2011) of the Tbilisi International Cinematographer’s Film Festival "Golden Eye".


Feature films:

1977 - "Dribbling"; script writer and director; Student Film Festival "Amirani"- Prize for the best comedy;

1979 - "Homo Sapiens in Airless Space"; scriptwriter and director; the prize for the best director’ vision at the International Short Film Festival "L'ARTICHOQUE";

1981 – "Hunting"; scriptwriter with David Akhobadze and director; Student Film Festival "Amirani" - Grand Prix and the prize for the best screenplay;

1982 – "Blue Mountains, or Unbelievable Story"; first assistant director; The USSR State Prize;

1984 – "Terangi"; director; USSR Film Review - the prize for best short film; special prize for the original images, prize for the in-depth analysis of tense relations between the society and a character- Brno 1986;

since 1985, the copy of the film is stored in the United States Library of Congress in Washington DC;

1988 – "Vamekh Approaches"; director with Otar Shamatava;

1989 – „Executor 977“; scriptwriter with David Akhobadze and director;

2001 – "Charity Show"; scriptwriter and director;

2003 – "Anano’s Birthday"; scriptwriter and director.



2000 - "Impossible for a Human, Possible for God"; scriptwriter and director;

2004 – "Difficult Age"; scriptwriter and director;

2006 – "Truly Worthy"; scriptwriter and director;

2007 – "CREDO"; scriptwriter and director;

2015 – "Mystery of the Golden Fleece"; scriptwriter and director.


TV programs:

1998-1999 – "TV Process" - series of historical and educational programs; scriptwriter and director with Levan Eristavi;

2003 – "Unforgettable Faces", scriptwriter and director;

2004-2005 – "A Minute in a Village" series of ethno-educational programs, scriptwriter and director;

2006 – "Automania", scriptwriter and director;

2007 – "Host and Guest", scriptwriter and director;

2008-2009 – "The Eight"; screenwriter, director and TV presenter;

2009-2010 – "Two in a City"; scriptwriter and director;

2010 – "I will also grow old", TV marathon; project manager, screenwriter and director.



1982 - Rock opera "Romeo and Juliet"; director with Robert Sturua;

1984-1987 – "Disco Theque, Disco Ball, Disco Hall", a show based on the music of the ensemble "75"; project manager;

1985 – "Golden Dolphin", International Song Festival; Pitsunda; project manager, scriptwriter and director with Levan Eristavi.

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