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Art Sciences, Media and Management Faculty
Quality Assurance Service

The Theoretical Faculty (currently the Humanities, Social sciences and Management Faculty) is the first among the Theatre and Film University Faculties to establish a Quality Assurance Service.

It was founded in the autumn of 2007 and immediately after its creation a Full Professor NatoGengiuri was appointed acting head of the Quality Assurance Service.

The main objective of the Quality Assurance Service is to prepare the Faculty and the Faculty programs for Authorization-Accreditation. It helps to improve the quality of teaching and research, evaluates the quality of teaching conducting polls and gives recommendations based on the results of the surveys.

Head of Service

Nato Gengiuri - Full Professor, Doctor of Arts, Head of Quality Assurance of the Faculty.

In 1992 graduated from the Tbilisi Javakhishvili State University majoring in Arts Theory and continued postgraduate studies at the Department of History and Theory of Art, in the same University.

Her dissertation was focused on previously unstudied issue of the medieval Georgian architecture - the issue of Cupola hall in Georgian architecture. She was the first who brought together the samples of Georgian Kupelhalle churches, studied this type of monuments, classified, determined the historical way of the type, compared Georgian and foreign samples and identified their characteristics.

In 2005 and 2011 she led scientific work at the leading Universities of Germany: Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main and Humboldt University of Berlin.

She is a two times scholarship holder of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

Has published dozens of scientific articles; these include monographs, books, articles for Georgian and foreign scientific journals.

She was a presenter at numerous national and international scientific conferences; the organizer of national and international conferences; a member, author and manager of organizational board of grant projects; is the author-supervisor of the University's Master and Doctoral Programs – Art Studies.

Since 1994 is a lecturer at the ShotaRustaveli Theatre and Film University. Since then continuously works as a teacher, senior teacher, associate professor, and since 2006 as a full professor.

She has been reading course of lectures on the history of Georgian and World Art at different faculties of the University.  Runs modules and Lecture Courses in Art Theory at all academic levels (Bachelor, Master's and Doctoral).

In 2009 – 2012 years under her guidance were developed educational programs for all the specialties and all the levels of the Faculty - Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral (Total - 11 program). All the programs successfully received accreditation.

In 2008 on her initiative and under her guidance in the ShotaRustaveli Theatre and Film University were established annual conferences. She organizes and conducts two annual Conferences: the Student’s Scientific Conference and the annual Conference for Professors and Scholars. In total 12 conferences were held during 2008 – 2013 years.

From 2009, under her guidance the University publishes Books compiled of the works delivered at the conferences.

In 2010 was established the Book Series “The Art of XX Century”.

N. Gengiuri is the publisher - editor of the books printed in 2010 – 2013 years.

Starting from 2010 at her initiative and guidance the Students of the Faculty regularly participate in international workshops and conferences abroad.

The first experience took place in 2010, in Florence, where the undergraduate students of the Faculty participated in the conference and workshops.

NatoGengiuri is a Board member of above mentioned international Forums.

She is a Founder and Chair of the Georgian Cultural Heritage Study and Popularization Union ‘Signet’ and a member of the association "Late Antique Archaeology and Byzantinology"

Scientific Interests: Georgian cultural heritage, history of art, past and present of architecture, history and theory of Western European art.

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