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Art Sciences, Media and Management Faculty
Scientific Activities

Scientific activity of the Art Sciences, Media and Management Faculty is related to research works of the academic-scientific directions of the faculty. Faculty involves the following directions: theater studies, film studies, art studies, choreology, media, art management and cultural tourism.

Directions of the Faculty carry out fundamental researches in the fields of art sciences, media (in cultural media), etc. and contribute to scientific and cultural development nationally and in some cases, internationally.

Faculty directions have own vision for research works and their activity for the future includes complex research activities that will be mostly done in collaboration with other institutions (museum, theatre, film center, media space and etc.). Simultaneously, deficiency of textbooks in Georgian is still a problem and future plan of the direction includes working on that issue as well.

In order to promote presentation of research activities the Faculty conducts annual scientific conferences founded in 2008 with the initiative of the Head of Quality Assurance Service Professor Nato Gengiuri. Since 2008 scientific conferences take place annually. The main themes of University conference are art studies (theater studies, cinematography, art studies, choreology, music studies), media studies and other areas (art management, tourism) related to art and culture. Shota Rustaveli Theater and Film State University annually conducts conferences for students and researchers and supports to share research works, scientific discussions, exchange of ideas and views.

Scientific-research activities of Master’s and Doctoral studies are supervised by the academic staff of the faculty. Dissertation scientific advisors are involved in the entire research activity of doctoral student including writing dissertation projects, gain some additional funds (Doctoral scholarships of Rustaveli Fund), communicate with foreign professors, etc.

- Annual Scientific Conference of Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film State University

- Annual Student Scientific Conference

- Student Choreographic Festival and Conference Terpsichore

- List of Scientific Works

- List of defended dissertations

- List of foreign colleagues, experts

- Current Grant Projects / Researches


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