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Art Sciences, Media and Management Faculty

1940 – First students of the theatre studies have been enrolled at the Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film Georgia State University. Starting from that time, this institution of higher education systematically trained future theatre historians, critics and theorists.

1944 - Theatre Studies Faculty has been established.

1970 – Scientific-Research Sector of theatre and film history and theory has been founded.

1974 – Film Faculty has been opened, which included film studies specialization.

During the following years due to the permanent structural changes and reorganization of the university the Theatre Studies Specialization joined the Drama Faculty.

1993 - Faculty of Art Studies has been established. In 1999 it has been changed to the Faculty of Theatre and Art Studies.

2005 – The specialty of Film studies was added to the Faculty and the latter was named The Faculty of Art History and Theory.

2007 - The specialty of Mass Communication has been added to the Faculty.

2008 - The specialties of Culture (Nowadays – Art Management) and Cultural Tourism Management have been added to the Faculty.

2009 - The faculty changed its name and was named - the Humanities, Social Sciences, Business and Management Faculty.

2017 – The name of the Faculty became - Art Sciences, Media and Management Faculty.






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