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Drama Faculty

History of the Faculty is closely linked with the history of the University, which was established in 1923 as Institute of Performing Arts on the basis of the studio founded in 1922 by Akaki Paghava. The studio members were enrolled in the Institute's second year.

1924 among the first graduates of the institute were:  A. Khorava, V. Godziashvili, T. Tsulukidze, S. Takaishvili, M. Mrevlishvili.  The professors were: Akaki Paghava, Kote Marjanishvili, Mikheil Koreli, Sandro Akhmeteli, Niko Shiukashvili.

Kote Marjanishvili was the artistic director of the institute.  Instead of faculties there were studios of drama and opera, and also schools of opera choir, plasticity and rhythmic gymnastics. Lectures were delivered by: I. Javakhishvili, D. Uznadze, G. Chubinashvili, A. Shanidze etc.

In 1926 the institute ceased to function. In 1927-39 was functioning only Rustaveli Theatre Studio.

In September of 1939 the studios of Rustaveli and Marjanishvili Theatres merged with the sudio of Film Fabric and the theatre Institute has been restored. The members of these studios were accepted in the second, third and fourth courses of the studio. 

In 1940 in the Theatre Institute has been established the faculty of Drama Direction.

Over the years, the department of actor's mastery and drama direction was led by Akaki Khorava.

In 1956 the Institute was expanded again, Music Department was added to the Drama Faculty. In 1970 the Puppet Theatre Actors specialization joined the Drama Faculty. Its founders were Shota Tsutsqiridze and Givi Sarchimelidze.

Since 1969 the pantomime Theatre Actor’s specialty became he part of the Drama Faculty, in 1978 the Pantomime Theater Actor specialization was founded under the guidance of Amiran Shalikashvili

Over the years, the department of actor's skills and stage direction was headed by D. Alexsidze, K. Pataridze.        

Since 1973, the department was divided, the head of Actor's department became Dmitry Alexsidze, and the head of Stage Direction department - Micheil Tumanishvili. Since 1997 the department was headed G. Jordania.

At different times the Department of Acting was headed by: L. Mirtskhulava, Sh. Gatserelia; the Department of Stage Speech was led by Maliko Mrevlishvili and Babulia Nikolaishvili; Heads of the department of Stage Movement were Constantine (Kotso) Badridze and Yuri Zaretski.

At the Drama Faculty warked: A. Vasadze, G. Tovstonogov, D. Aleksidze, A. Mikeladze, K. Pataridze, V. Kushitashvili, M. Tumanishvili, A. Dvalishvili etc.                            

The older generation of directors formed the basic methodological principles of education, which in its essence is based on K. Stanislavski system as a foundation for training actors.

M. Tumanishvili, who was a student of G. Tovstonogov, developed training methodology, conducted daring experiments that subsequently would make it easier for graduates which would help to adjust and adapt in the new theater groups. Thus was created the renowned Film Actors Theatre.

In subsequent years on the faculty worked: Shalva Gatserelia, Gaioz Jirdania, Medea Kuchukhidze, Akvsenti Gamsakhurdia, Anzor Kutateladze, Levan Mirtskhulava, Nana Demetrashvili, Konstantine Surmava, Temur Abashidze; head of stage speech department Leila Kapanadze, head of stage movement department Natela Ionatamishvili,  მოძრაობის კათედრის ხელმძღვანელი ნათელა იონათამიშვილი,  masters of artistic reading  Zinaida Kverenchkhiladze and Guram Sagaradze etc.

In 2007 the drama department was expanded and reorganized and was joined by folklore and traditional Georgian art with specializations of Georgian Folk Dance Choreographer and Georgian Church Choir Conductor. The Georgian Bandmasters were taught by: Anzor Erkomaishvili, Gomar Sikharulidze, Badri Toidze; the choreographers were taught by: Ucha Dvalishvili, Lauz Chanishvili, Besik Svanidze. March 6, 2013, Georgian folk music and dance department separated from the Drama Faculty and the Georgian Folk Music and Choreography Faculty was founded.

Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film State University is 90 years old. The history of Drama Faculty is equally old. It brought up many prominent masters for Georgian Drama, Musical, Puppet, pantomime theatres thus provided a solid basis for the development of national theatrical art. On the basis of experimental groups were established a number of theatre companies.

Currently the Drama Faculty produces actors of drama and film, musical theatre, puppet theatre and pantome theatre, as well as a theatre directors.

Education is conducted in three stages: Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral degree programs.

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