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Library Structure and Management


1. The library is an organizational unit structure, headed by the director.


2. The library staff positions: Director, Specialist - 5, Specialist -1, Video Center Supervisor -1, Video Center Senior Specialist -1.


3. The Director of the Library is elected by the University's Academic Council. In the absence of the director his duties are performed by the Chief Specialist under agreement with the Head of Administration. 


4. Director of the Library

a) Monitors the activities of the library sections.

b) Distributes the duties between the employees according to job descriptions approved by the Head of Administration, gives them assignments and directions.

c) Receives the necessary information from all the sections

d) Puts forward proposals on creation of commission in order to solve issues related to the library activities

e) Presents recommendations to of head the administration on teaching, training, promotion and disciplinary measures of the staff

f)  Participates in agreements related to the activities of the library

g) Operates within his/her authority

h) Submits an annual report on the work of the library

i) Performs all administrative functions

j) Takes care of the professional development of the staff

k) Calls the employee meetings in order to deliver information on job innovations and amendments 

l) Coordinates the work of the library staff

m) Represents the library in relations with third parties

n) Participates in all the projects, conferences, seminars and internships related to the library activities

o Maintains correspondence with libraries and other organizations about the library activities

p) Elaborates plans and reports of the library sections

q) Requests the necessary financial resources and all other equipment required for the libabry operation.

r) Within the framework of Georgian legislation, in order to carry out the functions and tasks exercises other duties within his/her competence.

s) The library functions in the building No1 (19, Rustaveli Ave) and the Building No 2 (40, Agmashenebeli Ave) of Rustaveli Theatre and Film Georgian University.



Director of the Library– Nana Machabeli


I Building:

Senior Specialist

1.         Ketevan Natsvlishvili

2.         Madona Gagnidze                                 

3.         Mimoza Bokuchava



1.         Tea Kikaleishvili


II building:

Senior Specialist

1.         Liza Tabagari

2.         Marina Tseradze


Head of Video Center

Nino Kiria


Senior Specialist

Maia Gabunia

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