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Library Regulations


$ 1. Scope of regulation


(1)        Regulations of the LEPL Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film University Library (later referred as: The Library Regulations) sets the library regulations  

(2)        Library Rules shall apply to any person who uses the library on educational, scientific or informational purposes or/and is physically present in the library.


$ 2. Goal:


The library is one of the principal educational unit of the university which carries out academic programs, provides cutting-edge training program materials and textbooks, creates appropriate conditions for students and faculty – teachers So that they can successfully and effectively master curricula  and carry out scientific research.


$3 Business hours and location


(1)        The library operates on weekdays from 10 am to 6 pm

(2)        Location:  19, Shota Rustaveli Ave. (I Building), the second floor


40, David Agmashenebeli Ave.  (II Building), the first floor


$4 Terms of use


(1)        It is strictly forbidden

1.         bringing/using food and any colored liquid

2.         smoking

3.         talking on the phone

4.         bringing/using any flammable material


(2)    The library allows a reader to:

1. bring/use notebooks, papers, pen.

2. bring/use personal computer

3. bring/use spring and mineral water


$5 Copy operation:


1. It is allowed to make copies of the books and journals of the library

2. It is NOT allowed to make copies of diploma works and dissertations


$6 Borrowing/ Taking out

1. It is forbidden to take books out of the library without registration

2. It is forbidden to take out of the library diploma works and dissertations

3. The University Library has relations with TV stations, theaters, and other higher institutions;

4. For those who are not students or teachers/employees of the University the books may be lent only by interlibrary season ticket or following an official request.


$7 Procedure of use


1. Registration of students, academic staff and employees is required;

2. Reader looks for the needed materials and books on his own;

3.  Reader works with material and reads books and journals in the reading hall of the library


$8 Reader's responsibilities:

(1) A reader is responsible to:

1. Follow the regulations of the library and keep clean books and other library materials.

2. Not to talk and/or cause inconvenience to other readers;

3. Not to damage books and library equipment;

4. Immediately notify the library administration in case of detecting any defect or damage on books and other materials.


(2) The library administration has the right to give a warning note to the person causing disorder and in case of failure to resort to other legal ways restoring order.

1. A member of the library is obliged to return arrears within 14 days, otherwise the library shall not lend another book or any other material;

2. Do not lend out books and other material to graduates without a certificate about absence of arrears;

3.   In case of loss of a book it must be replaced by a new book on choice of the library.


$9 Right to appeal

A person who has not been given, and /or restricted the use of the library resources has the right to appeal that at the office of the University Head of Administration.

$10 Entry into force

The regulations come into force immediately upon approval.

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