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How to become a reader?

How to register?


Requirements for registration of students, teachers, employees andother interested parties:


If you are a BA, MA or PhD student of Georgian Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film State University, you can use both the reading room and also a season ticket and take books away. It is strictly not allowed to take away from faculty libraries and reading halls the library documents.   To use the reading room you will need a student card or your ID card. To obtain a season ticket you have to submit your student card and one photo (3X4).


If you are a university employee, you can use reading hall and also you have a right to take books away. To obtain a season ticket you have to submit your ID card, one photo (3X4) and a reference from place of employment.


If you are a guest of the university, you can only use the reading hall. You have to submit your ID card. You have to present your ID card.


For how long and how many books can I take from the Library?


From the department of season tickets of the Library you can take books for a period of no more than 2 weeks;

At a time you can take no more than 5 units.


Which book cannot be taken away from the Library?


The following materials cannot be issued from the Library:

• Rare editions;

• The books which are available in the library in a single copy;

• Periodical publications (magazines, newspapers);

• Library Documents;

• Audio, video, movie, photo documents;

• Encyclopedias;

• Dictionaries.


If a book is damaged or lost

  • On the expiration of 14 business days after the deadline the library services and information resources are closed for the reader.
  • On the expiration of 30 business days after the deadline a reader must return a unit of the same title and a year of publication or a unit of the same title or pay a fine of book value and a fixed sum of 50 GEL.
  • In case of damage and / or loss of documents the measures prescribed by the Georgian legislation shall be applied.

Can I use printer, copier, scanner and computer?

  • To use printer, copier, scanner or computer you should refer to library staff for relevant materials;
  • If you do not have the skills to use this technique please refer for assistance to library stuff;

When using a computer is permitted to:

a)     type and edit texts;

b)     look for information in the internet;

c)      work with digital material;

d)     use CD with the consent of a librarian;

e)     use email;

f)      work on educational programs.


You can also use digital video, audio and textual materials of the Library (according to the Copyright Law)



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