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XVI Conference of Arts Researchers

 International Conference of Arts Researchers will be held on October 10th -13th, 2023


  This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film Georgia State University. Therefore, our annual international conference of art researchers is dedicated to the jubilee of Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film Georgia State University.

The subject of the XVI Conference of arts researchers at the Shota Rustaveli Theater and Film Georgia State University is "Art and the Sociocultural Space". Art is always influenced by the sociocultural environment and is influenced by it. Relationship of art with socio-cultural customs, values, behaviors, tradition, etc. The sociocultural environment includes social customs, values, codes of conduct, beliefs, traditions, etc. is the topic of our 16th conference. The research topic can be interpreted freely.

The conference is open to professors and researchers, whose scientific interests coincide to the topic. The conference will feature sections on theater studies, film studies, art studies, music studies, choreology, media, cultural tourism, and art management. This year's novelty is that there will be a section dedicated to art education issues. The duration of a report is 15 minutes.


The conference materials will be published in collection  “International Journal of Arts and Media Researches” in two languages – Georgian and English.

July 04th  - Deadline for abstracts in both Georgian and English (accompanied with a short CV)

August 10th  -  Deadline for the complete paper in Georgian

October 30th  -  Deadline for the English translation of the complete paper (art and the socio-cultural space)


New research is required, and the relevance of the problem will be assessed, as well as the depth of the research, and the novelty of the results. Papers will be read by the scientific board of the conference and the editorial board of the collection.

Abstracts and the papers in full have to be sent to the following email address: conference@tafu.edu.ge

If you have not participated in previous conferences, please also send a short CV and a photo to the same email address.

The abstracts in Georgian should be no more than 1 page.

The paper in English should be no less than 1 page.

The CV should be no more than 400 characters (with spaces).

The paper should not exceed 6 pages.

Font: Times New Roman

Font size 12, line spacing 1,5.



The organizer of the conference:

Art Sciences, Media and Management Faculty, Professor  Natalie  Gengiuri

T. +995 577 94 70 03; +995 593 24 42 78.


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