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All countries have film apparatus explorers, first filmmakers in the world....but the brothers Lumičre, August and Louis were among the earliest filmmakers in the world and The Lumičres held their first private screening of projected motion pictures on 1895.  It’s very important that form their native language "lumičre" translates as "light," “importance” in English...  that, without it doesn’t imagine film.

For that we called our cinema journal “Lumičre” and magisterially direction of our journal is a truth, or that only one aspect, which explanation film art’s idea and although, position of this journal’s film researchers.    

 Et. Okujava

Cinema scientist,  Ph.D. in Art History.

Leader Scientist member of Cinema History and Theory scientific research center of Shota Rustaveli University of Theatre and Cinema


C O N T E T S:



Cinematographers and Cinema lovers too, often has interested by experience, which collected their idols. This interest is righteous and understanding.   In artists’ opinions we study past day’s truth, clearly, they are subjects, which experience only from one man, but it said in spirit truth and self expected originally.   Journal “Lumičre” is going to introduce for this form by called film classics’ film artists life and minder space. In this copy we give you Rene Clair’s, Lukino Viskonti’s, Federico Fellini’s and Ingmar Bergman’s notes.



Maia Lenanidze: Fashionable” life, “Fashionable” film

      Cinema scientist,  Ph.D. in Art History

       Leader scientist member of Cinema History and Theory scientific research center of      Shota    Rustaveli University of Theatre and Cinema


      80-90th years   of the XX century in Georgia on the global changeable background in    Georgian being is remark society some changes of the worldview- made new etalons or ideals, moral-spiritual’s categories, such as on the based of the total thinking, as influence national and West  thinking. In the process of the valuable change more clearly view some tendencies in the society, so in the being and in the art, too (so they are born in the process of the relations influence). This tendency we can call Fashionable”. In this term -“Fashionable” I mean well-known, already study, popular.

      In Georgian society more and more clear view fashionable speech, dress, relation, lives same style, had made clubs, theatres, cinemas, exhibition halls and so on, which all level often are  remarks at them relations by  “Fashionable people,” well, traditional by mainly part of the society based new style of the  lives, stereotypes, dogmas.   



      Nino Dekanosidze:  Aka Morchiladze’s voyage in the cinema.

        Cinema scientist,  Ph.D. in Art History.


      Aka Morchiladze’s prose had so big resonance and made deep, interesting emotions in the readers. That, what Georgian producer had interested with his prose, isn’t unreasonable.  I mean works of Levan Tutberidze _ “Walking in Karabakh” (its literature first source had published in 1992 year and writers’ novel’s name is also “Walking in Karabakh”) and television show “Papers bullet” (by the same name of the novels).

     It’s very sorry, that Aka Morchiladze’s this two important novels screen works became so simple and primitive show, especially this is view in the television show. There must show novels under text new visual view, but it must say, that Georgian TV spectators eighteen nights looked second hand’s product, which is no understandable of the idea, already annoying American bad gangster film-television heroes.   



    P R E M I E R E


    Guka Rcheulishvili: To act by the right planning way

 One of the basements of the Company “Sanguko” Guka Rcheulishvili in this rubric of Premiere is shown as a producer of the “Mediator.”  He is an honest in his work; he is also very interesting speaker, too. Journal “Lumičre” offers his interview.

Dito Tsintsadze : “Mediator” – Modern Universals’ hard reality.

The murder, investigation, eye-witness and investigators, same makers and work-giver are same, maybe they are managed by unreality manipulator. Diro Tsintsadze’s film “Mediator” is a world of the murders, blowers and narcotics sellers.

Film is made by Georgian National Film centre and Film Studio “Sanguko”. After successful premiere, film is planning festival trip.  But just now Dito Tsintsadze had finished documentary film about his teacher – Eldar Shengelaia, which soon will be on the screen. At this moment Dito Tsintsadze is working on two projects.

Giorgi Nakashidze: profession - an investigator

I had worked with Dito Tsintsadze on the third film after “On the ends” and “Reversi”. I tried in the world, which made producer find my hero’s position and make ours, active   confluence....

About new work by asking of "lumičre" with Dito Tsintsadze and Giorgi nakashidze talked cinema scientist Keti Machavariani.



Eter Okujava: Variation on the theme mediator


Dito Tsintsadze’s last time made film called Mediator. Mediator, which in our reality has became by “draggle” symbol of the conflicts, discuss, unreasonable questions from year to year, how much it was surprised, it became by example of the calm and peace and so discus, it means such as nearest men.

In the film of Dito Tsintsadze, mediator became a subject to describe art and such as see, its, so leader place took in the film’s plot, but in the different aspect, mediator – is a dirty footman, enabling   in murders work,  slave of the fortune and somebody’s  wishes Madder...

So, in this structural theme of the collected genre Dito Tsintsadze makes a filling, because genre, such as artist’s light knowledge, can’t extract not only hard of the modern reality and no requirements of the author’s creative images. And what is surprised, that with tears is laugh, life being with bullet..... At this time producer paused a moment and has narratives story, which we couldn’t find, this fact was became and more, may be we acted some passive act in this similar histories.

Heroes of this film are stay in one circle, too, but they do not know each others. So I take author’s history such as one tragedy history of my reality, which performed or unperformed us couldn’t stop with anything power...




   Natia Kopaleishvili : Star of Nato Vachnadze

   Cinema scientist, Ph.D. in Art History


Without exaggerate it may say, that if Georgian film had win, its first reason is a Nato Vachnadze.   On her face is heaven calm and angels simplicity. Straight same eyes have on Georgian fresco painting St. Maria, which   had sponged color and which eyes are shoot up by Mongolian and Somaliland or Loci’s  bullet” – wrote well-known Georgian poet Titsian Tabidze.

Nato Vachnadze had not taken artistic education. But, she is a face of traditional, national Georgian film school.

Nato Vachnadze had worked at many producer. Especially her work was very important at Kote Marjanishvili, Aleksandre Tsutsunava, Ivane Perestiani, Nikoloz Shengelaia. At him, she connected deep love, for that Nato called Nikoloz Shengelaia “My life’s producer”.

To work with her Nato took important lessons of plastic moves and film specificity. After came voice in the film, silent film’s all star, between them Nato, too, stood in front of “horror”. Cinematographs did not want “prototypes”, unprofessional actors, which became well-known because for their appearance. For that had taken arena stage professional actors, between them actors of the theatre. Nato vachnadze with hard work proved, that she was really a star and her name and greatness longed in the voice film.

 Nato Vachnadze had tragically died in car accident 1949 year, at the day of her birthday, on 14 January.


Lia Kalandarishvili: Tengiz Abuladze – Lines for portrait.

      Cinema scientist,  Ph.D. in Art History

       Leader scientist member of Cinema History and Theory scientific research center of   Shota    Rustaveli University of Theatre and Cinema


Tengiz Abuladze had run from double meaning, from opposition same self inside face, which he was very different from “sixtieth.” He built his work’s process from others very unusual, had different creative ideas or plans: he though longs what series to make film, that created between them depends, at first he worked on the each elements of the future film, improvement  artistic faces, each others gave concrete function  and only after that put them in the composition, put in the general situation. It must say, that to work on the themes by forms of “collages,” often make mechanical relations of the idea and forms, their rationalization. On that appointment, it has its privileges and negative sign: on the other hand, it doesn’t leave out dangerous of premeditation and eclectics, but, on the other side – we are looking of independents of the creative of the idea and fantasy and  inspiration, harmonically row, ideal made details or whole decision.  But at this time, we are feeling some foreign sense and distention in depend of the artistic face, which reason often lay in this manner which being on the born of this idea, which is very hard finished and closed.



 T H E O R Y

  Irina Kuchuxidze: Cinematography’s contours in the epoch of the new technology.

     Cinema scientist,  Ph.D. in Art History.

     Full Professor of Shota Rustaveli University of Theatre and Cinema

    In the last century’s of the 40th years André Bazin in his wonderful article “Myth of the total film” wrote: “Film is an idealist    phenomenon. Its idea was whole made thing in the human’s sense – such as on the Platonic heaven..... Precursor’s imagines idea of the cinematography was the same at the total reality and whole reproduction... It is easy to find, that film’s invention all main benchmark was study before, when technical condition had made. “After that Bazin said: “Film is not probably be bound from scientist research.”

If a first thesis is not discussed and already it is well-known, therefore its very strange sounds some skepticism at the scientist- technical education and development.  It is interesting, what does film’s photographical nature and reality confided signs for today’s epoch technologies?  It’s clear, it is rhetorical question and we are not going for that answer, but it must say: knowledgeable and enamored on cinematography researcher will be give right and interesting study different process of the nowadays. I try to introduce you my modest ideas.



Manana Lekborashvili: „disheveled“ masterwork – Mikheil Kalatozishvili’s „The Cranes are Flying“

Cinema scientist,  Ph.D. in Art History

Leader scientist member of Cinema History and Theory scientific research center of   Shota    Rustaveli University of Theatre and Cinema

In the soviet film’s history not only one Georgian artist leaved ineffaceable way and between them is a Mikheil Kalatozishvili with film: „The Cranes are flying, “„The Unsent Letter,“  „I Am Cuba“ and others. This article is devoted Mikheil Kalatozishvili’s russion period, exectly film „The Cranes are flying“(and not his Georgian creative, which must study separately).

About Cranes’ importants same Russion researchers had writen: for exemple: Semion Freilikh is remarks, that in that time, when Kalatozov ( In Russia  Mikheil Kalatozishvili called Kalatozov) made „The Cranes are flying“, there was not made not Chukhrai’s „Ballad of a Soldier,“ no Fellini’s 8 ˝ and not Tarkovsky’s „Ivan's Childhood“ ..... He sayed about conection of „Jim Shvante“ (made in Georgia, 1930year) and „The Cranes“, the researcher wrote: „The word knew film-operator Urusevski and his „subject camera“ buy  „The Cranes“, and for this cinematography remembered „its generic“. Poetry blown to the screen, which again took analitical manner of the montage, to creative portrait, power of the        perspective, suddenly everybody remembered, that film producer   Kalatozov, who was in the past operator and producer once made Salt for Svanetia montage-poetic pearl of the film“.



Dinara Maglakelidze: 59th Berlin International Film Festival – Berlin 2009

 Cinema scientist,  Ph.D. in Art History

There are mainly stereotypical minds about Berlin, Cannes and Venetian International Film Festivals, for their traditional characters. Accepted of this idea between International Festival of A class is more chosen Cannes Festival for its glamour, because that, actors and producers are very pleasure to welcomed Cannes. There is said, that Venetian Festival is more conservatically and conventionally, then Cannes’s, but Berlin is more political and democratically.  


Liana Khoshtaria: OSCAR – 2009

All ways is going to the “Oscar” – “Oscar’s” history.

      Cinema  scientist. Main consultant of the Georgian Union of Cinematography


 The Academy Awards, popularly known as the Oscars, are presented annually by the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. This article knows us “Oscar’s” birth history and its laureates.





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